Sunday, August 06, 2006

Almost done!

Missed my weekly post last Sunday because I was in Maine for a wedding. Not much knitting done on the plane there or back, but I did get some done in the car (I flew in and out of Boston and drove up to and back from Maine) and while chatting with people when hanging out the morning before the wedding. And, of course, there's been two whole weeks of stats class since I wrote last.

To make up for missing last week, I bring you PICTURE:

2006.08.05 knitting

This is the scarf as it looks now. It is currently 2'6" long, and I'm thinking it'll end up being about 3' -- I'm starting to run out of yarn, and hoping I can eke another six inches from what I have left. Once that's done, I'll be moving on to a pair of Dragon Scale Gauntlets.

...which brings me to my next bit of news.

While in Belfast, I visited the yarn shop there (the name escapes me, but there's only one -- it's right in the center of town) to pick up some yarn for a future project. (I chose the gauntlets mostly because I happened to find and like some yarn in the weight for which that pattern calls.) I also got size 6 DPNs, which (oh joy) means that I get to learn to knit on DPNs. (Also, I picked up some point protectors, but that's unexciting.) I guess that I need to learn to swatch on DPNs before I can knit on them, though... I have my theories about how to do it (based on how one swatches when using circular needles to knit in the round), but I'd like to have said theories confirmed. I'll poke around and see what I can find out.

Anywho, as further compensation for missing a post last week, I bring you yarn porn:

Gauntlet yarn

It's the yarn that I plan to use for the gauntlets, of course. The color is rather a darker blue than in the photo. I bought it for that lovely blue-black variegation -- it should look lovely in the gauntlets' scaly pattern. I should only need two skeins, but I bought three because it was fairly cheap and I wanted to be absolutely sure that I have enough. (Anyway, you can never have enough yarn, right? ;) ) I didn't check the dye lots before I bought -- lucky for me that they all match!

In further knitting news, my roomate has a HUGE cone of wool/acrylic blend that she is planning to just give me, only barely used, when she finishes making a felted purse out of it. (She says she'll be sick of it by the time she finishes.) It's a wonderful cream color, with some brownish bits, and it knits up beautifully. I can't wait to get my hands on it. Can you say scarves?

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